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Sisoft is in  Health it Conference & Exhibition


Just like every year, Sisoft, with its experience in digital conference and fair, will be expecting Healthcare Information experts and professionals at the Sisoft digital booth during the HIMSS + Eurasia Health Informatics and Technologies Conference between the 11th and 13th of November 2020

With SISOICU, Sisoft brings a brand new perspective to the monitoring of Covid 19 patients and other intensive care patients with the software developed to assist physicians and healthcare professionals during the pandemic.

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About HIMSS;

HIMSS was founded in 1961; It is a non-profit organization with America, Europe and Asia-Pacific structures.
It aims to provide optimal use of information technology in the presentation and development of health services.
With EMRAM (Electronic Medical Health Record Adaptation Model) scoring all over the world, hospitals are graded and accredited from 1 to 7 by analyzing through the concept of "digitality".
Sisoft has been member of Platinum level of HIMSS since 2010.