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Sisoft Achieved the Success for Being First on Getting SPICE3 Certificate

       Sisoft Healthcare Information Systems, again achieved the success in software industry for getting Turkey's first SPICE-Level3 (TS ISO/IEC15504, SPICE Maturity Level 3) certificate through the tough auditing process done by Turkish Standards Institution.
       With the help of this certificate, we as Sisoft Healthcare Information Systems will be increasing our sales on international market and helping to increase our countrywide technology exports which is undercapacity.
       The purpose of SPICE model
       ISO/IEC 15504 is the reference model for the maturity models (consisting of capability levels which in turn consist of the process attributes and further consist of generic practices) against which the assessors can place the evidence that they collect during their assessment, so that the assessors can give an overall determination of the organization's capabilities for delivering products (software, systems, and IT services). Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO/IEC_15504