Physicians and nurses can access patient's information, health records initially via a tablet PC. Ergonomically designed devices are easy to carry anywhere, thanks to their light design. Not having a fan provides these devices to meet safety and hygiene requirements specifically at intensive care units and operating rooms. It is suitable for disinfection by means of easy to wipe and clean properties and durability.

Rapid and easy data entry is ensured by a numeric pen on Tablet PC. Operations can be done rapidly by making selection on its touch screen. Data entered by manuscript are recorded to Sisohis by converting them into electronic media. Wound monitoring can also be performed by capturing images of the area where patient is suffering, wound, etc via integrated camera on Tablet PC.

Operation construct of iPhone application which is a smart phone application is based on remote inquiry for patient's information, electronic health records. Because of iPhone's large screen not being suitable for data entries, search option is preferred rather than data entry.


Physicians can access easily and entirely the inpatient's information through Sisomobile iPhone application independently of time and place. Monitoring diagnosis and treatment related all practices done throughout treatment period of the patient, without requiring to stand over the patient, they can access Sisomobile rapidly, easily and safely. With its user's needs – oriented, flexible and plain tablet interface, iPad is a tablet PC which is can support large – scale corporate applications as iPhone can.


It creates productivity with its mobility properties, larger touch screen, vertical or horizontal use, etc by bringing web or desktop user interface into suitable form for a smaller screen. ipad which is an intermediate product between smart phone and laptop offers a healthcare solution by its Sisomobile application which is available to download from App. Store free of charge. iPhone's and iPad's application menu which can connect to the Internet on 3G or wifi technologies can be accessed with user name and password.

Physicians can make requests and data entry by accessing initially and entirely to in patient's information via Sisomobile iPad application independently from time and place. In data entry iPad's smart keypad, search window assist rapid and correct data entry.