SisoHIS (Healthcare Information System), which provides health institutions with the opportunity to effectively use all of their resources such as time, labor force and finance, provides a modern structure by recording all the data of the health institution quickly and safely. SisoHIS software developed by Sisoft provides a compatible and error-free working environment for all units within the health institution. SisoHIS minimizes the potential time and labor force loss and the communication problems between the units as well as preventing the data loss and the problems resulting from this.


SisoHIS is a Fully Automated system which enables the integration of the transactions with medical devices, allows to keep records of all transactions and helps to manage in-house document movements. The aim is to upgrade the whole process to complete automation by working integrated (centralized/dispersed) within the health institutions and their affiliated units and to ensure the flow of the HIS system within the ideal organization by regulating the communication with other institutions. Since 1987, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, SisoHIS has served over 3000 institutions and created success stories. It has proven its success abroad as well, with its products and experience creating added value for more than 10 years. SisoHIS consists of the basic modules and the sub-modules which are integrated with them. It is a completely web-based system which has a modular and scalable structure and a three-tier architecture. Sisoft successfully executes all software and hardware integrations in SisoHIS in every health facility and provides software revisions to the customer with the latest technology without any problems. It provides complete customer satisfaction with its remote and on-site after-sales services and sustainable high-performance tradition.

SisoHIS complies with international standards such as ISO, CE, IHE, HL7, CC, SPICE - Level 3, Meaningful Use, and ICD. It provides users with the operating system and browser independence. It does not require any installation. SisoHIS offers language support in 10 different languages including Turkish, Azerbaijani, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Kazakh . Sisoft is Oracle's Platinum partner.

The RFID (Radio Frequency Recognition Systems) label on the Mifare card emits the specific number of identifiers it holds in its memory. The Mifare card communicates with the radio waves when it is approached the scanner at a certain distance. Mifare card, combined with the energy supplied by the scanner and spread by the antenna, transmits the unique information it holds in it via radio waves to the scanner on which there is a digital screen. This information transmitted by the card is taken by the system and necessary actions are taken by Sisoft Access Control System Software.

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The Sisoft Healthcare Information Systems application (SisoHIS) is supported by Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Database Appliance. It is fully tested and running smoothly on Oracle Enterprise Linux and Weblogic Server.