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Sisoft Day 2015 Azerbaijan


     By Sisoft & Oracle cooperation, Sisoft Day has been materialized in the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku on  11th of  March 2015. In the event which has been materizialized in JW Marriot Absheron Hotel, in the first instence many Turkish and Azerbaijanian Ministry of  Health Directors,  the representetives of private and public hospitals and competents of  Sisoft and Oracle have appeared.

     The opening speeches have been performed  by Serkan Elgezen ( Middle Asia and Caucasus Sales director of Oracle) and Dr. Necat Çakmak (Assisstant General Manager of Sisoft). Elgezen and Çakmak stated that Sisoft and Oracle had succeed in many projects in Turkey and they had a great start in Azerbaijan within their speeches.

     Ministry Of Health Demonstrated "E-Pulse" in Azerbaijan

     The event has been continued by the Director of  R.T. Ministry of  Health Project Development Department Şahin Aydın’s speech.
     Şahin stated that they were going to carry on supporting the software exporting  companies like Sisoft within his speech and also demonstrated “E-Pulse” application.

     Şahin also stated that E-Pulse system allows individuals to measure their own blood gliceride, pulse, etc… and inform theirselves about their own health status within the demonstration.