Objective News about Health & IT

  • 2. Period of Transformation in Healthcare

    In this edition of Çözüm Haber, Healthcare IT Magazine of Sisoft, we interviewed with the new Minister of Health, Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, MD Specialist.
    Since 2003, that is, since the introduction of the Health Transformation Program, most of those aims have been achieved. Some of the most important components of the program, which are universal health insurance, facilitating access to health care services, improving the service quality, have already been realized. Also significant progress has been made in terms of the health information system, rational use of drugs and supplies and strengthening the planning and supervising role of the MoH. detail

  • Turkish MoH Department of Healthcare IT

    In developing world, the importance of information has been increasing day by day. Concordantly, the importance of how to get information has been vital and so people started to work on it. MoH accelerated its work not only in healthcare but also IT. That's why MoH established Department of Healthcare IT in accordance with The Law 6223 and Decree Law 663.detail

  • Digital Hospital equals to Paperless Hospital?

    Do you think that digital hospital equals to paperless hospital? Do you mean one data management in terms of your requirements at the hospital? Tracking only financial affairs or enhancing quality of healthcare service? And do you believe that mobility in healthcare is a must? What's the purpose here... To minimize paper use or to minimize the costs?detail