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Sisoft At EuroAsia SPI 2015


     21st. EuroAsia SPI which is held in different countries every year since 20 years, has been held in Ankara by the contribution of The Institution of Turkish Standards on the dates between 30.09.2015 and 02.10.2015.

     Competents of the leading IT and software companies of Asia and Europe have been attended to the event which has been held in Ankara University, Faculty of Law Campus.

     Our International Business Development & PPP Projects Director Baran Soylemez became involved as a Keynote Speaker to the event which is continued with the speeches of Alexandre Poth (Wolkswagen Director of IT Services), Umay Akkaya ( Institute of Turkish Standards Head of Testing and Certification), Egemen Ozalp ( TUBITAK Space Technologies, Chief Researcher) and Alexander Munch (Elektrobit Automotive, IT Director).
During his speech which has been interestedly followed by the attendants, Baran Soylemez mentioned about the importancy of the “Healthcare on Cloud” and also shared some anectodes about the SPICE Processes of our company.