Sisoft HBYS Giri Ekran覺

It provides reuse of electronic registers of patients' examination, etude, medicine, material, operation, admission, reports and of all healthcare corporation/organization services with niceties, examining quickly every application of a patient. All personal informations of a patient (Name, Surname, Date/Place of Birth, Blood Group etc.) and all operation informations with contact information of a patient (Social Security, Referral, Corporation, Register No etc.) are being kept safely. (Speed taped in emergency service and primary operation realization feature are being provided.).

Every committed operation, every registered data are being kept safely and can be examined separately. Searching options with parametric examination screens and Search Forms according to multiple choice features (Name, Affinity, Gender etc.) are being offered. Quick and easy access to information is being provided with user friendly, flexible and useful search interface.

Vital warnings which belong to patient (allergy, diabetes, hypertension etc.) in electronic patient card for their every application to a healthcare corporation/organization are displayed automatically. If patient apply to a healthcare corporation/organization with a doctor leading, doctor's info can be displayed as well

Sisoft Saglik Bilgi Sistemleri has fully tested and supports Sisohbys (Sisocare) V2.0 on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 and Weblogic Server 12c.

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